The Island by Peter Watts

This is Watt’s 2010 Hugo-award-nominated story of contact, or lack thereof, with a life-form so vast, ancient, and unfamiliar as to nearly (or perhaps completely) defy comprehension…

From the author:

“The Island” is a standalone novelette. It is also one episode in a projected series of connected tales (a lá Stross’s Accellerando or Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles) that start about a hundred years from now and extends unto the very end of time. And in some parallel universe where I not only get a foothold into the gaming industry but actually keep one, it is a mission level for what would be, in my opinion, an extremely kick-ass computer game.

For the time being, though, it’s just a story…

Available from:

No Kindle version seems to be readily available, as yet.

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