Geekosystem posts “50 Free, Classic eBooks For The Reading Device of Your Choice”

A useful, curated post of 50 good, free books for your browsing pleasure.

Unfortunately, good, free books for e-readers are often tough to come by. The top free book list on Apple’s iBooks can be hit-and-miss; finding free books using the Kindle’s navigation is a laborious process, and again frequently includes more self-promoting teaser tomes from marketing gurus than it does books that you really want to read. Even if you have a specific classic in mind, the first search results are often ‘critical editions’ of the books which, while providing context and generally not costing as much as new releases, aren’t free. You clicked this link because it had ‘free’ in the title, right?

Below is a brief, curated list of the some of the best books available, for free, and formatted for the eReader of your choice. Remember, many of these are platform-agnostic: nearly all the Project Gutenberg books are available on the iBooks store, and the Kindle app runs on numerous platforms.

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