Single File Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft

From the compiler:

In early December (2010), I used a file from the Australian Project Gutenberg to create an EPUB of most of Lovecraft’s works. It wasn’t a comprehensive file and while it’s been popular (just having hit 1,000 downloads this morning, in under 3 months), it isn’t what I want for my own use or what the librarian-in-training in me thinks should be out there.

So, after several months of working on the project when I could—snatching minutes and hours between work, grad school, and making Cthulhus—I am very proud to announce that I have finished an eBook of The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, I expanded my original project and made versions both for the Nook (EPUB) and for the Kindle (MOBI).

I started this project because I couldn’t find a free or inexpensive (or expensive) EPUB eBook of Lovecraft’s complete works for my Nook. Many compilations or standalone stories exist, but…there are a lot of these stories and having them in individual files would be a bit of an organizational nightmare.

Available from:

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