Single File Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft

From the compiler:

In early December (2010), I used a file from the Australian Project Gutenberg to create an EPUB of most of Lovecraft’s works. It wasn’t a comprehensive file and while it’s been popular (just having hit 1,000 downloads this morning, in under 3 months), it isn’t what I want for my own use or what the librarian-in-training in me thinks should be out there.

So, after several months of working on the project when I could—snatching minutes and hours between work, grad school, and making Cthulhus—I am very proud to announce that I have finished an eBook of The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, I expanded my original project and made versions both for the Nook (EPUB) and for the Kindle (MOBI).

I started this project because I couldn’t find a free or inexpensive (or expensive) EPUB eBook of Lovecraft’s complete works for my Nook. Many compilations or standalone stories exist, but…there are a lot of these stories and having them in individual files would be a bit of an organizational nightmare.

Available from:

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Geekosystem posts “50 Free, Classic eBooks For The Reading Device of Your Choice”

A useful, curated post of 50 good, free books for your browsing pleasure.

Unfortunately, good, free books for e-readers are often tough to come by. The top free book list on Apple’s iBooks can be hit-and-miss; finding free books using the Kindle’s navigation is a laborious process, and again frequently includes more self-promoting teaser tomes from marketing gurus than it does books that you really want to read. Even if you have a specific classic in mind, the first search results are often ‘critical editions’ of the books which, while providing context and generally not costing as much as new releases, aren’t free. You clicked this link because it had ‘free’ in the title, right?

Below is a brief, curated list of the some of the best books available, for free, and formatted for the eReader of your choice. Remember, many of these are platform-agnostic: nearly all the Project Gutenberg books are available on the iBooks store, and the Kindle app runs on numerous platforms.

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Septimus Heap: Magyk [Time-limited]

This is a specifically time-limited free edition of the first book in a popular YA fantasy series.

Publisher HarperCollins writes:

For a limited time, discover where the Magyk began, for free. This free ebook includes the complete text of Septimus Heap, Book One: Magyk, as well as excerpts of books two through five—plus a sneak peek at Darke, the sixth book in this bestselling series.

Septimus Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son, disappears the night he is born, pronounced dead by the midwife. That same night, the baby’s father, Silas Heap, comes across an abandoned child in the snow—a newborn girl with violet eyes. The Heaps take her into their home, name her Jenna, and raise her as their own. But who is this mysterious baby girl, and what really happened to their beloved son Septimus?

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The Sculptor by Gregory Funaro

A thriller garnering a bunch of comparisons, some negative, to Thomas Harris and The Silence of the Lambs – but hey, free book from a major publisher! Very likely time-limited, unfortunately.

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The Ware Tetralogy by Rudy Rucker

“One of cyberpunk’s most inventive works.” — Rolling Stone

From the author:

Your Guide to the 21st Century!

It starts with Software, where rebel robots bring immortality to their human creator by eating his brain. Software won the first Philip K. Dick Award.

In Wetware, the robots decide to start building people­—and people get strung out on an insane new drug called merge. This cyberpunk classic garnered a second Philip K. Dick award.

By Freeware, the robots have evolved into soft plastic slugs called moldies­—and some human “cheeseballs” want to have sex with them. The action redoubles when aliens begin arriving in the form of cosmic rays.

And with Realware, the humans and robots reach a higher plateau.

More info

Available from the author in .pdf or .rtf, or autocoverted by ManyReads to a variety of other formats.

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Starfarers by Vonda N. McIntyre

From Book View Cafe:

The starship Starfarer is poised for our first voyage to another star system. The Alien Contact Team — physicist Victoria Fraser MacKenzie, geneticist Stephen Thomas Gregory, geographer Satoshi Lono, and alien contact specialist J.D. Sauvage — and the rest of the faculty and staff prepare for humanity’s most ambitious exploratory expedition.

But the world has changed. A new regime orders the vessel to be abandoned. It will be turned into an instrument of war.

What do they do?

They do what any red-blooded Alien Contact Team would do.

They steal the starship.

More info

Vonda McIntyre has won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, so a free book from this author is likely to be worth a look if you’re a science fiction fan.

Available from:

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His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

…is available free for a limited time (possibly up to the July 13 release of Tongues of Serpents) at

This book is tremendously fun.

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