Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig [Time-limited]

A novella of a reluctant high-school crusader for justice. Intended to be the first of several installments. I’d love this one to do well–I actually paid for this back when it wasn’t free, since I was intrigued by the premise, sample, and blurbs. Available free on Kindle for five days.

Blurbs on the novella from other authors:

“SHOTGUN GRAVY is like VERONICA MARS on Adderall. Atlanta Burns is a troubled teenage girl who’s scared, angry, and not taking s**t from anybody. Chuck Wendig knocks this one out of the park as he so often does.” – Stephen Blackmoore, author of CITY OF THE LOST and DEAD THINGS

“Give Nancy Drew a shotgun and a kick-butt attitude and you get Atlanta Burns. Packed with action and fascinating characters, SHOTGUN GRAVY is a story that will captivate both teens and adults and have them clamoring for the next installment.” – Joelle Charbonneau, author of SKATING OVER THE LINE

[Chuck Wendig’s site]

Available from:

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